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$39 / First Notarization

We have priced all of our notary public and commissioner for oath services at the highly competitive price point of $39 for your 1st notarization, $21 per 2nd – 5th, $16 per 6-10th, and $9 per 11th+ notarizations.  Additional fees may apply for the preparation of documents, completion of notarial forms, or other special requests. All fees exclusive of GST. All major payment forms accepted (debit pay preferred).

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(payments by debit card preferred)

🚓 Mobile NOTARY 🚓

We offer limited mobile notary services by advanced appointment. Please call 587-355-7610 to book your mobile notary appointment or inquire on pricing.

$ 39 / First Notarization

We offer notary public and commissioner for oath services at competitive rates: $39 for the first notarization, $21 each for the 2nd to 5th, $16 each for the 6th to 10th, and $9 each for the 11th and subsequent notarizations. Additional fees may apply for document preparation, form completion, or special requests. All fees are exclusive of GST. We accept all major payment methods, with interac e-transfer preferred.

Accepted Cards | Square Support Centre - CA

Maple ridge / willow park location

Our main office is conveniently located just off the Deerfoot by Southland and Acadia Drive at 2 Maple Court Crescent SEOur exact address will be sent to you via email if you book online or if you call +1-(825)-801-5651.

Mahogany Location: Located next to Westman Village, we are now offering notary service in the deep southeast! You must book an appointment in advance for this location. Please call or text +1-587-355-7610 to book at our Mahogany location.)

What is included in one notarization?

A single notarization may include all of the following:

(1) affixing one notarial seal and one signature to your document;

(2) the administration of one oath, affirmation, or declaration relating to the document;

(3) the inspection of identification for verification of identity for one person signing a document.

Pre-Appointment Checklist

Please remember to:

(1) bring at least one piece of government issued photo identification;

(2) complete the forms/documents that are to be notarized, except where your signature is required as your signing must be done in the presence of the notary or commissioner; and

(3) if certifying true copies of original documents, bring the original documents with you to your appointment.

No Will Signing

Please note, we do not officiate on Wills as part of our notary service offering unless same has been prepared by a lawyer and written instructions on signing have been provided. We also urge you to consider retaining a lawyer to help you with the preparation of your will. That said, we will administer any oath of affidavit made in connection to a will, or other instruments, however the will itself cannot be signed in our office and we will not act as witness to a will that has not been prepared by a solicitor.

No Legal Advice Sought or Given

Our notary and commissioner for oaths services do not include legal advice.  No Solicitor-Client Relationship formed through using Bonavista Notary’s notarial services. If you require legal advice in addition to notarial services, please advise us of the same.

Bonavista Notary Express - Office of Notary Public and Commissioner for Oaths offering the best rates across south Calgary.  Address: Please call or text (825) 801-5651 to request address. Phone: +1-(825)-801-5651 (booking and SMS line); Fee Schedule: First Notarization: $ 39; Payment: Interac e-transfer payments preferred, but also accepting debit, credit, and cash.  Hours of Operation: Mon-Thurs 9:30 am - 8:30 pm; Fri-Sun 9:30 am - 6:00 pm (please use our online booking system to confirm appointment availability) 

Bonavista Notary Express by is owned and operated by Matthew V Raketti, Barrister and Solicitor and Notary Public